Discover a region where nature has been preserved and landscapes that will take your breath away. Visit old prestigious cities and their beautiful historic houses.


The church of Saint-Révérien was built in the early 12th century by the architects and masons of the Cluniac order with which it was affiliated. It served as a stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella.

Castle of Bazoches

Medieval castle, bought by Marshal de Vauban in 1675 with the reward granted to him by King Louis XIV after the siege of Maastricht. In summer, concerts are given in the courtyard.

The castle of Marshal de Vauban is situated in rural French country side.

Marshal de Vauban, builder of hundreds of fortresses and strongholds, was in the service of King Louis XIV for 57 years!

The castle became his property after the fast and ingenious conquest of the city of Maastricht. He bought it with the 80.000 pounds given to him as a reward.

Built in the 12th century, the feudal castle welcomed the Crusade Kings like Richard Lionheart on their way to the Holy Land. From its chambers there is a direct line of sight to Vezelay, where the second and third crusade started.

< 30 min.

Bibracte Mont-Beuvray

This large and important Gaulish town was situated on the mount Beuvray in the 2nd and 1st century B.C. Now the national site of Bibracte and its very interesting museum lay in the middle of the Morvan Regional National Park.

< 60 min.

A film made by one of our guests, Jan Silvertand, up in the Bibracte forest.
Movingly beautiful!

Bois de Bibracte

Visit wineries, and taste their wines…

Wine Regions of the Burgundy

The region is proud of the broad experience of its winefarmers, and through the centuries the Burgundy has made itself an unequaled reputation for the quality of its wines.


On the western side of Burgundy on the slopes of the Loire lie the vineyards where the Pouilly-Fumé wines are made.

< 45 min.


Opposite Pouilly is the medieval town of Sancerre. This is where the Sancerre wines come from, by many considered the best French white wine.

< 55 min.


On the chalk hills that rise above the valley of the Serein, the white Chardonnay wines are made that have a golden colour and a beautiful brightness.

< 80 min.


On the southern side of the Burgundy region, between the Grosne and Saône rivers, lie many valleys where the gems of white and red Macon wines come from.

< 150 min.

The restaurants…

The Burgundian Gastronomy

The restaurants which we have chosen to recommend to you have excellent menus and a warm atmosphere. Those are two good reasons to dine out, aren’t they?

This list is far from complete, a lot of other good restaurants will be added shortly.



To compose his menus, Eric Conan uses quality products from the region. He buys his wines from the better wineries.

Le Cépage also has a bistro just beside the main restaurant. Here the menu is less sophisticated; perhaps the better one if you are with children.

< 15 min.


Ronald en Katharina KLUFT

The Dutch chef Ronald chose to settle down in France. His friendly German wife speaks English which certainly is an advantage with so many nationalities dining here.

Possibility to dine outside.

The kitchen is excellent and the very warm welcome is genuine. A recommendation for a great evening out.

< 20 min.



Mister and Mrs Blondeau welcome you in their old house from the XVIth century. Traditonal kitchen, copious dinners and wines from the region.

The terrace is enclosed which enables you to dine outside most of the evenings.

< 20 min.


Pierre en Anne-Marie LANGLOIS

We will recommend Pierre Langlois and Anne-Marie if you would want to enjoy a juicy steak with wild mushrooms. Of course, you will find much more to your liking on the menu.

Very French atmosphere, warm welcome.

< 15 min.


The Chanteux family will be happy to share with you their passion for all kinds of water sports!

Two trips are possible on the Yonne, the river that flows down from the Morvan:

The first takes you on calm waters that flow through peaceful meadows.
On the second, you will encounter more thrills!

Some people still have unforgettable memories of this adventure!

You will discover three châteaux: here you have an exceptional view of Marcilly Castle
The river – sometimes wild, sometimes calm – takes you into a rural setting of rare beauty.

< 20 min.

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